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Anti-itch pump for mosquito and insect bites. Product shot.
  • Anti-itch bug bite pump

    This magical suction tool easily and effectively extracts insect venom/saliva from your skin. As soon as you use the pump, your body stops itching and the swelling goes down.

    The anti-itch mosquito pump stops the problem, rather than masking it like topical ointments and creams.


    Use the pump on a range of stings and bites for common pests like mosquitoes, wasps, bees, black flies, ants and other bugs.


    It's all natural, kid-friendly, and proven. Use it over and over again – just make sure to wash with soap and water between uses. The small pump easily fits in your pocket, purse, bag, first aid kit, or travel bag. 


    This is a must-have for anyone who enjoys being outdoors!


    All orders are shipped with in 7 business days.